Company Profile

SystemAir®  is the leading supplier of air cooler products in Malaysia.Our products are widely used for the cooling requirements of sealed environmental rooms and industrial factory buildings.We are the  provider of revolutionary new system of cooling device. ®

Our Business has been established since 1990s as a reputable air conditioner supplier and maintenance service provider. Over the years, we had built up a good reputation among our customer by keeping our business lean and personalized.

Environmental Friendly

As global warming became a major concern over the past decade, we realized the negative impact that was caused by conventional air-conditioner to our environment. Thus, we seek to source for an air cooling system which is environmental friendly.

Environment Air-Conditioner (EAC)

Seven years ago, we came across the Environment Air Conditioner (EAC) in on of the industrial exhibition. It was totally a new revolutionary system of environment friendly cooling device to replace the conventional air-conditioner. Since then, we start to focus into creating awareness among the consumers as well as the marketing and distribution of EAC.

Our services

We are involved in every stage upon client selection of the type of device from installation to completion offering continual functional and technical support. 

Our extensive skills encompass all aspects of installation, including understanding and analyzing the whole plan layout of the area involved, proposal of the most suitable device to obtain the optimal results (save energy and cost) based on the area involved.

Typically, we will be on site, providing functional and technical support, and resolving any and all troubleshooting issues that may arise.

Our Commitment

With our years of experience in air-conditioner industry coupled with the detailed knowledge and skills gain from our past installation experience, we are proud to claim that we are the expert in the installation of the new EAC system.

In order for us to stand firm in this field, we must have our own brand therefore we decided to create and register "SystemAir" as our brand name, through continuous learning, research and development we will improve our product for a better future.

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SystemAir® Portable Air Cooler

Fan Type:Axial Fan
Airflow (CFM) / (m3/h):2600 / 4500
Water Tank Capacity(L):40
Cooling Pad Thickness(mm):60
Air Outlet Dimension(mm):450 x 430
Machine Dimension(mm):930 x 620 x 400
Applicable area(m2):20 - 30
Noise (db) (A):≤63

SystemAir® Portable Air Cooler

Fan Type:Axial Fan
Airflow (CFM) / (m3/h):3500 / 6000
Cooling Pad Thickness(mm):100
Water Tank Capacity(L):80
Air Outlet Dimension(mm):570x570
Machine Dimension(mm):850x480x1350
Applicable area(m2):30-50
Noise (db) (A):≤65